Monday, August 24, 2015

Teen Wolf Season 5 Episode 9 - Lies of Omission Recap & Review Vlog!

Hey everyone!
Check out my latest vlog where I discuss episode 9 of Teen Wolf Season 5. This episode floored me and now I'm scared more than ever to find out what is going to happen to Scott and his pack! Make sure to stay tuned as I continue to do these recap & review vlogs every week for each episode of Teen Wolf.

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  1. Jeff Davis' new show 'Let The Right One In' had its pilot picked up. He's tackling vampires this time around! Very interested to see his take on them. I will always appreciate and respect him as storyteller. He created and showran the first season of Criminal Minds and gave us 3 phenomenal seasons of Teen Wolf. I always go back and watch them when the shows I'm currently watching aren't airing. But getting back to this new show, Let the Right One In is based on John Ajvide Lindqvist’s novel, which was adapted into a Swedish film by Tomas Alfredson in 2008.

    An American remake was made not too shortly after starring Chloë Grace Moretz titled, Let Me In. That's the one I've seen and am familiar with. It's a heavy film with very dark themes but I liked it overall. Kristine Froseth is playing the vampire in the series. She's more of a model than an actress but I really like her look. She looks like Chloë Grace Moretz's version but a lot older which I think is very cool. And also I trust Jeff Davis. He got Colton Haynes who was also a model with little acting experience and yet he did a great job in both Teen Wolf and Arrow. So I'm interested to see Kristine Froseth as a lead actress and what she'll be like. I'd really like to see you do a video where you give your thoughts on this.