Sunday, December 8, 2013

Favorite FanVids Full of FEELS

Every now and then we all come across fanvids that cause us to tear up or give us chills. In this post I will be sharing some of my recent favorite fanvids like that and why they fall into the Full of FEELS category. Enjoy!

In this Teen Wolf fanvid we are taken back through some of the most sad and shocking moments in the Season 3A Finale Episode. The color tones used in the video set the atmosphere perfectly. The song could not have been better picked to give us chills.

In this Being Human UK fanvid we watch John Mitchell's struggle to hold onto his humanity as a vampire and ultimately having George stake him in the end, so that he can't hurt anyone else. The black and white coloring with only touches of red here and there, helps us to imagine the human world through Mitchell's eyes. The song is so sad and you can't help crying again about his death.

In this The Vampire Diaries fanvid we see Klaus kill Tyler Lockwood's mom, Carol. What is so sad is that we see some of the best and and one of the most worst moments between Tyler and her. During this she begs Klaus for Tyler's life before he drowns her. The song used gives us goosebumps while watching this video.

In this Game of Thrones fanvid we see the many terrible acts and deaths on the show and the aftermath. The whole tone of the show is felt while watching this and you can't help watching it another time even though it's sad. The song chosen is so accurate and it adds to the FEELS in this video.

In this Merlin fanvid we see a lot of the most key moments in both Merlin and Arthur's lives. Their lives were surrounded by such tragic loss and the show ends in tragedy. The song was the perfect choice to set the gloomy tone of the video, plain and simple.
What did you all think of these videos and what are some of your favorite fanvids full of feels? Let us know in the comments below!

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