Monday, April 29, 2013

Vikings Season 1 Finale Recap & Review

Last night I watched the Season 1 Finale of the show Vikings. To say I was floored is an understatement. The first thing I should let y'all know is that I started watching the series late, but became obsessed instantly. The show centers around Ragnar Lothbrok, the Viking that wants to travel West. He is convinced there is land & riches there and he proves correct when he comes upon England. Now, later in the season after he becomes Earl of the Vikings he goes through many hard struggles which leads to the season 1 finale. In the finale we see him being unfaithful to his wife Lagertha Lothbrok with the woman Aslaug. During his affair he is also trying to resolve land dispute for King Horik with Jarl Borg. Ragnar's son Byorn having witnessed his father having sex with Aslaug makes Ragnar promise not to do it again if he really loves his mother Lagertha. While all this is going on, back in Ragnar's village Kattegat, a plague is ravaging the area and his daughter Gyda dies. Right after she dies Aslaug tells Ragnar she is pregnant with his child. Floki having news from King Horik tells Jarl Borg that he must sell the land to him...there is no or else involved. Jarl says no & that Ragnar and his men will have to leave in the morning. Ragnar in the end goes to Aslaug and lays his head on her belly all the while his brother Rollo makes an alliance with Jarl to fight against Ragnar & King Horik. This show is amazing & if you haven't watched it yet please go onto the History Channel's website to watch the season. I cried a couple times during the finale I simply could help it. I really feel for Lagertha & am angry with Ragnar for being unfaithful to her.
I can't wait to see what Season 2 brings in 2014! :D ~V

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