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Interview with the talented Delilah & Natasha of BitterSweet Stories Designs!

Hey everyone!
I recently bought a beautiful custom Shadowhunter Rune Purse to support my obsession with The Mortal Instruments made for me by the talented Delilah Aratani & Natasha Polis of BitterSweet Stories Designs. I was lucky enough to get them to agree to an interview on their fabulous new venture. Enjoy!

Natasha & Delilah with their Shadowhunter Rune Purses they made!
(Photo taken by Tatiana Santana of http://cityofshadowhunters.com)
Natasha & Delilah with Cassandra Clare, author of The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices.

Hey Delilah & Natasha!

Thanks for agreeing to this interview.

I recently got my fabulous Shadowhunter Rune Purse that y'all designed/made & I love it so much! I'm very proud to be you girls' first customer.

Q: What inspired this new venture for you both?

A: The Mortal Instruments series of course! We really wanted to put out a fashionable product that everyone could wear everyday - without having an actor's face on your chest! We love them, but sometimes people stare and that just gets creepy!

Q: Natasha, how do you design/make such gorgeous fabric & pick the perfect colors? Where did you learn how?

A: Basically, it's all about trial and error! If I have an idea in for a graphic I'll try my best to translate it onto photo editors. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't! I've taught myself how to graphic design. It comes with the experience I have on the computer through podcasting and working on websites.

Q: Delilah, how do you design/make such beautiful bags & where did you learn how?

A: Well... I did go to a fashion school (F.I.D.M.), however they did not teach me how to make bags/purses. I took my experience and researched it for awhile, but again it was trial and error for me as well!

Q: What do you both love about creating your new products the most?

A: We love being artistic, it's the Clary in us. What we love the most is people's reactions to our products! It so very rewarding!

Q: Please tell everyone a little bit about yourselves & your products.

Natasha: I have a couple different facets to my life! I'm a true fangirl, a Christian, a reporter, and also a hairstylist (going to school this Fall!). I enjoy just being creative, hanging out with family and friends, and going on wild fangirl adventures!  When it comes to our products, we create them for the everyday fan adding "a little chic for the geek!"

Delilah: Jeez, well... I'm a crazy nut job, but lovable I hope! I'm passionate about many things, like reading, watching films, making things, as well as art! I love being with my family and friends, and playing with my three little dachshunds! Our products are here to tell people's stories.

Q: What are the current fandoms that y'all are making custom creations for & which future ones do y'all hope to make things for?

A: Currently it's just The Mortal Instruments and Divergent. We'd love to dip our toes into The Game of Thrones, Hunger Games, and The Fault in Our Stars! Also for past fandoms, we want to create something for Harry Potter and Twilight fans since there is still a huge following. There are probably other fandoms we could create for, but for right now those are our top six.

Q: I heard y'all had a fun experience giving some of your Shadowhunter Rune Fabric stuff to some of The Mortal Instruments cast at WonderCon 2013. Would y'all tell everyone that story?

A: Unfortunately we didn't get to go in together, Delilah went in by herself because of a stupid raffle! Alas, when she approached the signing table, in her batgirl costume which Cassie Clare adored, she handed out the tie she made for Jamie Campbell Bower. His reaction was, "Wow this is cool!" then surprised Delilah by standing up and giving her a hug. He then said, "I don't wear ties often, but I will because you are a big deal!" Lily Collins was next and admired the packaging, but once she held up the blouse Delilah made she was dumbfounded, and kept saying, "you made this?" over and over again. Lily even turned to Kevin and said, "this is for real!" Kevin Zegers was of course next, and commented with, "so cool thanks," then turned to Jamie as yelled, "see I got one too, you'te not that special!" 

Delilah then came out and told us all about the experience!! It was such a fun day!

Jamie Campbell Bower aka Jace from TMI with his Shadowhunter Rune Tie made by Delilah & Natasha. Cassandra Clare, the author of The Mortal Instruments & The Infernal Devices is sitting next to him.
Kevin Zegers aka Alec Lightwood from TMI wth his Shadowhunter Rune Tie made by Delilah & Natasha.

Fun Q: What are each of your favorite fandoms of all time?

Natasha: Twilight was my first, but I love The Mortal Instruments!

Delilah: First, Twilight because of what it has done to my life! However I think Mortal Instruments will quickly surpass that!

Here are a couple photos of me with my Shadowhunter Rune Purse!

If any of you are interested in getting your own custom Shadowhunter Rune Purse made you can get in contact with Delilah & Natasha with the links below. :D ~V

Website: http://bittersweetstoriesdesigns.weebly.com
Facebook Page: https://facebook.com/BittersweetStoriesDesigns
Twitter: https://twitter.com/BitterSweetByDN

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