Sunday, May 12, 2013

Once Upon A Time Part 2 of the Season 2 Finale Recap & Review!

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Well, in part 2 of the Season 2 Finale of Once Upon A Time we start off with Captain Hook looking at a drawing of his lost love Mila. Mr. Smee sees this and tells Hook he will have his revenge against Rumplestiltskin/The Dark One for killing her. Quick fact, Milan was Baelfire's Mom & Rumplestiltskin's former wife. Hook goes down to meet the new member on board his ship which quite shockingly he finds out is Baelfire, the son of his lost love & the son of his enemy. Hook & Smee go back and forth arguing over turning Baelfire over to The Lost Boys to be taken to "The Shadow." As Hook starts to gain Bae's trust Baelfire unwittingly tells Hook how his father aka "The Dark One" can be killed. All seems well until Bae finds the drawing of his mother & confronts Hook. Even though he finds out the horrible truth of his mother abandoning him & his father killing her, he is still  forever turned off on the idea of staying on board The Jolly Roger. Hook offers Bae to become one of them, but Bae again refuses. Hook finally turns Baelfire over to The Lost Boys as a peace offering to "Him." Meanwhile, back in present time Storybrooke Greg & Tamara with Hook watching, activate the diamond that will destroy Storybrooke. Mary Margaret/Snow White  & David/Prince Charming go along with Emma to tell Henry that his dad is dead. When they arrive to tell him they find Mr. Gold/Rumplestiltskin watching Henry swinging at the park. Snow & Charming proceed to tell Rumple the news while Emma tells Henry. All are very heartbroken. Rumple blames himself for his son's death and decides to let everyone in Storybrooke die. We then see The Evil Queen/Regina get out of bed all healed and  then there seems to be a mini earthquake as Emma, Henry, Snow, & Charming arrive. Shortly after that Hook arrives telling them he knows where Greg & Tamara are. None of them believe he is there to help until he says that the only thing more important than his revenge on Rumple is his life. Charming & Hook leave to confront Greg & Tamara, Emma & Regina go to the mines to try to hold off the trigger, & Snow & Henry go to warn everyone. Back in Rumple's antique shop we see Leroy/Grumpy arrive and get something from Sneezy's past that if he drinks a special magic potion developed by Mother Superior/The Blue Fairy out of it he will get his memories back. Grumpy then gives Rumple a second dose for Lacey (formerly Belle) to take. Later, we see Charming & Hook confront Greg & Tamara. After a fight & struggle Hook & Charming are only able to get one magic bean back. While all that is going down Emma & Regina go down to the mines where Regina says she will hold off the trigger as long as she can for everyone to escape through a portal. Back at Rumple's shop Rumple gives Lacey the potion and she finally gets her memories back, thus becoming Belle again. After Hook & Charming get to Granny's with the magic bean they all decide to try to push the diamond into the portal so they can save Regina. Hook pretends to give Emma the magic bean, then takes off  and we've no idea what'll happen next. Emma along with Henry, Snow, & Charming goes to tell Regina the new plan, but discover the magic bean is gone. Emma then embraces Henry & her parents crying and calling them Mom & Dad. Henry goes and hugs Regina then as well. As this goes on Emma comes up with the idea of combining her & Regina's magical powers to stop the diamond and it works. There is then a small blast & after the pick themselves off the ground they discover Henry is missing. They then realize that Greg & Tamara have kidnapped him. They follow after them, find them opening a portal , & jumping into it...taking Henry with them. Emma & Regina are distraught. Rumple & Belle arrive to find out the news. Then, Belle sees something and Emma confirms it's Hook returning with the magic bean & his ship. Hook then agrees to help them get Henry back, probably b/c he is the son of Baelfire. They all are about to leave when Rumplestilskin tells Belle she has to stay behind and follow some specific instructions from him to protect everyone in Storybrooke. As they set sail to find Henry, Rumple announces where Henry is, & Hook looks none too thrilled. Why isn't he's Neverland. As the portal opens we flash back to Neverland in the past & find out that Peter Pan is looking for a specific boy & upon the Lost Boys seeing Baelfire, announce it's not him. We then see a drawing of Henry. Peter Pan is looking for Henry...? The last scene we see a man washed ashore back in present day fairy tale land discovered by Prince Phillip, Aurora, & Mulan. Once he is flipped onto his back it is revealed to be an unconscious Neal/Baelfire.

So, as far as a season finale goes I thought it was fabulous! Though it left us all on edge, now we will be impatiently waiting for the premiere of Season 3 to see what happens! :D ~V

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