Friday, October 25, 2013

Video: Preview of 'GRIMM' Season 3 and MORE!

GRIMMSTERS, THANK GRIMM IT'S FRIDAY! The Season Three Premiere of GRIMM airs tonight! The majority of the first and second season we spent watching Nick unknowingly getting used by Captain Renard and the second Juliette trying to remember Nick after waking up from the coma Adalind put her in. During all of this both Juliette and Hank finally learned that Nick was a Grimm and what Wesen were. At the end of the season two finale Nick is finally back in a relationship with Juliette. Unfortunately, he gets spat on by Baron, the voodoo Cracher-Mortel Wesen and made into a kind of zombie, then is put in a coffin. The last thing that came on the screen was a note from the writers that said, "To be continued. Oh, come on. You knew this was coming." This past season totally threw us in a lot of different plot directions and I am sure this one will be the same. Get ready to get GRIMM!

Check out some special previews and cast interviews below for Season Three!

Let us now in the comments below what you all think will happen this season and enjoy the Season 3 Premiere!
GRIMM airs Friday nights at 9/8c on NBC!

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