Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Sleepy Hollow: My Season One Highlights

So last night was the two-hour season finale of the hit TV series Sleepy Hollow, which is actually the only serial show that I watch on television. (I am WAY behind on Agents of SHIELD). I have watched the season finale, but I've been so busy that I haven't been able to process my thoughts on it yet. All I will say is WTF??! (But I won't be discussing the final two hours until a later post)

What I wanted to do was share with you my Top 5 favorite moments on Sleepy Hollow, Season One! There were a TON of great moments, but these moment just made the series for me. When I discuss the finale, I will share my favorite moments from it.

So let's jump into it --

5. Meeting Ichabod Crane

This is where it started. With this man. Tom Mison is absolutely brilliant as Ichabod Crane. And the wonderment that he is able to channel with each episode -- Ichabod's fascination with computers, remotes, the price of water, donut tax, skinny jeans, and baseball -- Mison just made me fall in love with everything Ichabod.

The most charming thing -- he leaves letter-length voicemail messages on your cell phone!

4. Abby's Sister, Jenny

I was never upset with Jenny, nor did I ever misunderstand her. She was right to be angry with Abbie. I love how bad ass Jenny is. And how regardless of whether Abbie believed or not, she kept searching for answers to what she had witnessed as a child. Her interactions with Ichabod were fun, too!

Jenny's appearance was crucial to Abbie's character development, because until that point, she hadn't faced up to the fact that she did abandon Jenny to the system. And she needed to own up to it and get her out because Abbie knew that Jenny wasn't crazy.

3. Ichabod & Abbie's friendship

Their interactions are seriously just the cutest feels moments. I love seeing her explain modern tech to him and I love seeing him explain history to her. The moment that they had during the Sin Eater scene made me tear up a little. It showed how far they'd come as a partnership blossomed into friendship. It especially gets me excited because these two are the most different people, but they work so well together. It's awesome!

What season 2 has in store for this duo -- I don't know. But what I can tell you is - I really don't want them to go the way of romance. I really enjoy their friendship, like big brother little sister. I don't want that dynamic to change.

2. The Sin Eater

The Sin Eater story is just extremely fascinating in itself, so to see Ichabod and Abbie interacting with the process -- I was pleased. Plus, this guy (John Noble) is awesome. The reason why I was so drawn to the Sin Eater is because he was so mysterious. There were so many questions, but he had the answers and could "heal" Ichabod and relieve him of his blood connection to the Horseman. That's a big deal! 

Teaser: He is in the finale. 

1. The Headless Horseman

Seriously the BEST horror character on television for me. The headless horseman is a bad ass with an axe and a gun. The thing that fascinates me about this dude is that he looks so real! It doesn't look weirdly fake or cheesy. The Sleepy Hollow crew did a fantastic job bringing this guy to life. He heavy boot stomps that let you know he's there, the scary red-eyed white horse that always appears out of nowhere. The headless horseman is boss... until you beam natural sunlight (or simulated) on him.

So those are my Top 5 Highlights of Season One (prior to the finale).

Would love to know what yours are!

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