Friday, January 3, 2014

VIDEO: 'Teen Wolf' Season 3B Episode 13 - Anchors Sneak Peek Clip

Hey Teen Wolf fans and Happy New Year!
A brand new sneak peek clip from the second part of Teen Wolf Season 3 for Episode 13 - Anchors was just released where Scott starts to lose control and transform at school. I think everyone had the same reaction when they watched this, and that was...WOAH!  Just from this clip I think we really will be losing our minds trying to figure out what is going on. Add to the fact that Jeff Davis has told us to prepare ourselves to lose one of the main characters from the opening sequence and I think we will all be left in tears by the end of the season. Enjoy the clip below and be prepared to LOSE YOUR MINDS!

A high quality version of this CLIP can be seen on the Teen Wolf Instinct facebook page.
Teen Wolf Season 3B premieres Monday night on January 6th at 10/9c on MTV!

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