Wednesday, January 29, 2014

TRAILER RELEASE: The Fault in Our Stars

It's here, everybody! The debut of the first official trailer for Josh Boone's The Fault in Our Stars starring Shailene Woodley and Ansel Elgort!

For those of you who may have been living under many rocks, The Fault in Our Stars is a film based on the critically acclaimed novel of the same name written by one half of TheVlogBrothers, John Green.

For me, personally, this is my second most anticipated film of 2014 -- so when I heard the trailer was being released today, I made all of the necessary arrangements to not be disturbed.

I've seen the trailer about 10-15 times now and I am just in awe of Boone (he directed one of my favorite films of 2013 - Stuck in Love) and Woodley & Elgort look to have done a phenomenal job. I cried during a two-minute trailer, you guys. What's going to happen to me during the actual film?!

I can only hope that the film is as good as the trailer is. But I trust Josh Boone, as well as John Green. Shailene Woodley has never given me any reason to trust her with this role (I've never liked any of her previous work), but after seeing this trailer -- I believe.

Nat Wolff, who is playing my favorite character from the book Isaac, has all of my trust. He was in Stuck in Love and has obviously worked with Boone before.

Ansel Elgort had me believing his acting from the minute I saw him on screen.

I am SO excited! I'm ready to fall in love, I'm ready for heartbreak, but most of all I'm ready to be taken on a journey. To bear witness to John Green's story coming to life on the big screen!

What are your thoughts on the trailer??

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