Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones German Trailer Released!

Hey everyone!
This morning a new German trailer for The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones was released! I am seriously loving this new trailer & had chills while watching it. An English version will be released soon and I will post that as well, but until then here's the German trailer and translation below. Enjoy Shadowhunters! :D

Translation from TMI Source:

Hodge (voiceover): (Clary and Simon in NYC and at Java Jones) You live your life, ordinary, normal, but the truth cannot be kept from you forever. (Constantin Film, Unique Features, Pandemonium) There is a world hidden in our own, ancient, secret, dangerous.
Jace: (Jace and Clary in the alley) You’re not a mundane.
Clary: What’s a mundane?
Jace: Someone from the human world.
Clary: If I’m not human then what am I?
Hodge (voiceover): (Hotel Dumort) Humanity is on the very brink of extinction.
Jace: (Ravener demon at Clary’s apartment) I’ve been hunting demons across the world in their varying different forms.
Hodge (voiceover): (Institute shots, Clary’s room) And the key to our survival lies in your hands. To fulfil your destiny, you have to unlock your past.
Madame Dorothea: Your mother was a Shadowhunter, like him, like you.
Hodge (voiceover): (City of Bones, Mortal Sword) And discover your true powers.
Simon: (with Jace standing behind him) That’s a rune. Runes make you invisible, strong. They heal you.
Alec: What do you want with her?
Jace: She is different.
Alec: She is gonna get us all killed.
Hodge: (Hodge and Clary in the library) A battle against evil can never be won but always has to be fought.
Isabelle: There’s too many of them.
Jace: Have a little faith.
Valentine: (with his sword) The world will be ours.
Hodge (voiceover): (Clary hugging Simon while Jace is watching them) The rune that mends a broken heart is the most painful one.
Jace: (Clary running through NYC, Hotel Dumort) You have an incredible gift, we need you. I need you.
Hodge: (little girl getting attacked by a wolf) The stories that you were told about monsters, nightmares – they are all true.
The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones comes to theaters on August 21st! :D

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